granny (grannie)

granny (grannie)
1 noun (C) informal grandmother: Look what granny's bought you! 2

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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  • granny — or grannie [gran′ē] n. pl. grannies Informal 1. a grandmother 2. an old woman 3. any fussy, exacting person ☆ 4. South a midwife adj. of a style like that formerly worn by many elderly women [granny nightgown ]; specif., designating eyeglas …   English World dictionary

  • granny — (also grannie) ► NOUN (pl. grannies) informal ▪ one s grandmother …   English terms dictionary

  • granny — gran|ny1 S3 grannie [ˈgræni] n plural grannies informal [Date: 1600 1700; Origin: grandam grandmother (13 19 centuries)] grandmother granny 2 granny2 grannie adj [only before noun] BrE of a s …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • granny — /gran ee/, n., pl. grannies, adj. grannier, granniest for 6. n. 1. Informal. a grandmother. 2. an elderly woman. 3. a fussy person. 4. Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. a nurse or midwife. 5. See granny knot. adj. 6. of, pertaining to, or thought …   Universalium

  • granny — /ˈgræni / (say granee) Colloquial –noun (plural grannies) 1. → grandmother. 2. an old woman. 3. a fussy person. 4. → granny knot. 5. → Granny Smith. 6. Aboriginal English a grandchild …  

  • granny — n. (also grannie) (pl. ies) colloq. grandmother. Phrases and idioms: granny bond Brit. colloq. a form of National Savings certificate orig. available only to pensioners. granny flat (or annexe) Brit. part of a house made into self contained… …   Useful english dictionary

  • granny — [[t]græ̱ni[/t]] grannies also grannie N FAMILY Some people refer to their grandmother as granny. [INFORMAL] old granny …   English dictionary

  • grannie — noun /ɡɹæni/ A less common variant spelling of granny. <!Add synonyms, translations, etc, to granny rather than here …   Wiktionary

  • granny — or grannie noun (plural grannies) Etymology: by shortening & alteration Date: 1663 1. a. grandmother 1 b. a fussy person 2. chiefly Southern & south Midland midwife …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • grannie — noun see granny …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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